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Terms and conditions 

We are a specialty manufacturer that offers over 10,000 products to help you match your existing church décor. Rather than keep a warehouse full of thousands upon thousands of finished products, every bronze item shown in our catalog without a crown and all brass items are made specifically for each individual customer when the factory receives an order. As a result, you are receiving a unique item that is made to order according to your specifications including any agreed upon customization. Since most items are manufactured specifically for each customer, we cannot easily cancel orders or take items back as returns without incurring significant costs. Due to these costs, we must pre-authorize any cancellations or returns and all returns will incur a restocking fee. This is a necessary trade-off to ensure our customers can continue to access the wide variety of designs, metals, and finishes they have appreciated for decades.

CANCELLATIONS: Order cancellation requests may only be submitted to Excelsis by an authorized Excelsis dealer. Contact the dealer with whom the order was placed to initiate any cancellation requests. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. While best efforts will be made to accommodate such requests, Excelsis reserves the exclusive right to assess cancellation fees or decline cancellation requests.

RETURNING UNDAMAGED MERCHANDISE: Only bronze items available for quick factory shipment, which are labeled online as quick shipment items or are marked with a crown symbol throughout the print catalog, may be returned at a 20% restocking charge. At the sole discretion of Excelsis, authorized returns of any other merchandise may incur a greater restocking charge. Please contact your dealer for information and authorization regarding any undamaged return inquiries. Credit for returns, if applicable, is conditional upon factory inspection and verification that no repairs or refinishing are required. Items returned with damage will be assessed repair fees as necessary. Return requests may only be submitted to Excelsis by an authorized Excelsis dealer and must be submitted within 45 days of original factory shipment.

SHIPMENTS: All items are inspected prior to shipping and packed carefully according to current industry best practices. Title of merchandise ownership transfers when merchandise is picked up by the shipment carrier. When you receive a shipment, visually inspect the exterior of the package(s). Immediately report any exterior damage or evidence of rough handling to the carrier’s agent and take pictures of the damage PRIOR to signing for the delivery. After accepting a delivery, please promptly unpack and examine all merchandise. Waiting an extended period of time to open and inspect your shipment may negate your ability to make a damaged shipment claim.

DAMAGED MERCHANDISE: Of the thousands of shipments to leave our factory each year, less than 0.5% arrive with damage. If your order is one of the rare exceptions to arrive with damage, please KEEP ALL CARTONS AND PACKING MATERIALS and contact your dealer IMMEDIATELY. Do not assume damage occurred prior to shipment.

MISSING MERCHANDISE: If it appears merchandise is missing from your order, please thoroughly re-inspect the shipment and packaging. Smaller items may be concealed within packaging materials such as packing foam which can expand to surround and hide items within a shipment. Please contact your dealer right away if merchandise is missing.

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