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Rich Heritage

Since 1935, the church community has relied upon Excelsis for the most exquisite metal religious products and restoration services available. As we reflect upon our 75th anniversary, we are both proud of our heritage and excited for the future. The Excelsis brand has become a trusted symbol for quality and attention to detail for tens of thousands of churches. Our products have shipped to every continent in the world except for Antarctica, so you can rest assured that we will deliver the finest ecclesiastical furnishings to you regardless of your location. As our customers throughout the world have come to expect, the Excelsis brand will continue to deliver superior quality, classic designs, and superior service.

Superior Quality

The quality of Excelsis’ newly manufactured items and restoration services is unparalleled. Our artisans spend many years as an apprentice before they can become a true master of their trade. Throughout their training, the Excelsis artisan develops an uncompromising attention to detail and quality that cannot be rivaled. In fact, during restoration work, we often recognize nuances to the pieces that our customers were unaware even existed. Our craftsmen, who average over 20 years of experience, look forward to carrying on our traditional hand assembly processes as they serve the church community in the years to come.

Classic Designs

From our simple 216 Series to the ornate 499 Series of metalware, Excelsis products reflect an ageless beauty that will serve your needs without ever looking dated or out of style. These classic designs are why you will find Excelsis products in a wide variety of environments from the Cathedral at Notre Dame University to your local parish, chapel, or church member’s home.

Superior Service

When choosing Excelsis, you will experience the fastest delivery times in the church goods industry. We carry a wide variety of items in stock, identified by a crown symbol in our catalog, which are available for immediate shipment. Most Excelsis orders travel directly from the factory to your location to minimize transportation times. Additionally, requests for refinishing estimates will typically receive a response within 2 business days.

Made to Order

Unlike lesser quality mass produced items, every product touched by an Excelsis artisan is crafted by hand using traditional tools and techniques. This expertise allows us to meet a wide variety of customer requests for customized new designs and modifications to existing items that will deliver a unique masterpiece that is personalized to your desires.

Restoration Services

Through our 75 years of experience, the Excelsis craftsmen have developed a variety of trade secrets that allow us to restore your tarnished, tired, or damaged religious artifacts to their original glory. Rather than just “dipping” your treasures in a cleaning agent, the Excelsis refinishing process is an intricate symphony of steps that requires full disassembly, cleaning, polishing, lacquering, and reassembly by hand. Excelsis can also repair damage and replicate most sacred pieces that may have been lost or stolen to complete your set of metalware.

Please join Excelsis in celebrating 75 years of service to the church community. For more information on any of our products or services, please contact your local dealer.

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